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IPLase Mask


產品特質 Protective 


・維他命C, A, H及益母菌發酵提取液可加快新陳代謝同時修復受損DNA


・白藜蘆醇及醋酸鹽維他命E可修復受損皮膚,保護超氧化酶, 對抗自由基


・Contain HSP inductor protects skin against chemical and thermal Aggressions and increases skin regeneration

・Vitamins C, A, H, and Bifida ferments extracts help to repair DNA after light-induced DNA damage and boost

・Methionine anti-PIH, methyl donor for Taurine, helping the body to synthesize Phaeomelanine and not Eumelanin

・Resveratrol and Vit. E help to protect SOD and fight with free radicals





適合皮秒激光, 及各類激光療後, 或深層醫學換膚療程後敏弱肌膚使用

Suitable for Post Pico, laser treatment, and deep peeling treatments.




・HSP inductor

・Vitamins C, A, H, E

・Bifida ferments extracts







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